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Kiki Coto is now available

Kiki Coto is now available

The Spanish Edition of Kiki Coto is now available.


Richard (Kiki Coto) is destined to fight corruption, and criminal organizations, whose members include politicians, judges, district attorneys, police, and others, to exonerate an innocent young lady wrongfully accused of murder. He is fighting an impossible battle. The criminals are organized, interconnected, and methodically conspire with each other. Struggling to defeat the evil, Richard seeks help from all sources, including Ayahuasca and Divine intervention.

If you have ever experienced injustice, or know someone, friends, or relatives, or if you read about a criminal walking free and wonder how that happened, you will like reading this book.

“For most individuals, the minute they die and the mind and all the illusions created by it disappear, they realize they wasted a whole lifetime by choosing to amass wealth and power and have feelings like regret, hatred and fear instead of eternal love.”

– Edward Avanessy
Kiki Coto, page 300