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A story made in heaven.

A masterpiece of crime and spirituality.

Very engaging and breathtaking

The suspense intensifies with each chapter.

In Kiki Coto, Edward Avanessy introduces you to good and evil characters on earth with their mirror images in the spirit world.

After reading this social justice fiction book, I realized that the Universe always tries to help you. Sometimes by evil individuals, in very peculiar ways.

It keeps you turning the pages.

Kiki Coto is an engaging story and very easy to read.

Edward Avanessy created a combination of gangster activities, legal systems, and investigative procedures combined with spirituality. With their mirror images in the spirit world.

A masterpiece of murder, deceit, and spirituality.

An excellent description of the behind-the-scenes realities of a corrupt justice system..

The description of the world we live in is shockingly accurate in Kiki Coto.

The best book in a long time.

The most complicated crime scenes.

Suspenseful story from the first paragraph to the last.

It unlocks certain court mysteries that leave your jaws hanging.

Richard witnessed George transform from good to evil in front of his eyes. The scene is so vivid; if this book is introduced to young readers, there will be less crime in the future.

A story with tantalizing twists.

After reading the book, you realize that if you put your guard down even a moment,  evil will take over and ruin your life and soul.

I wish young individuals would read this book to learn how easy it is to be sucked into gangs, be forced to commit a crime and exchange your soul for a comfortable physical life.

If you keep connected to the Universe and follow your heart, the Universe will take care of you.

This book is full of unexpected plot twists. Edward Avanessy flawlessly weaved good and evil together in Kiki Coto.

Certain life experiences and events that appear to be devastating to you turn out to be soul-savers.

Once you begin reading the book, you cannot put it down.

A profound spiritual approach that appeals to all religions.

Edward Avanessy put the virtuous and vicious side by side in Kiki Coto.

An accurate description of the world we live in.

This book rips off the blindfolds and lets you see the truth behind corrupt court proceedings.

One of the most suspenseful books.

Kiki Coto is a page-turner.

After reading this book, you know how criminals get away with crime.

A thought-provoking thriller.


Rated 5 out of 5
December 1, 2021

This book has many interesting characters and the story line just sucks me right in. I feel like I am actually a part of their organization 😮

Rated 5 out of 5
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